Thursday, 21 April 2011

Learn Guitar Rockschool Grades - Guitar Lessons In South Shields

Guitar exams put performance at the heart of the exam. Each grade has a wide choice of repertoire that covers all the key skills required at that level. Our tunes are written to reflect popular rock styles and inspire improvisation.


Rockschool's guitar qualifications are offered at all grades. They are accredited and have respective QCF credit values and UCAS points. Click on a specific grade below to view more information.
GradeLevelQCF CreditUCAS PointsAccredited
Entry Level (Debut)Entry Level4-Accredited
Grade 1Level 16-Accredited
Grade 2Level 19-Accredited
Grade 3Level 112-Accredited
Grade 4Level 215-Accredited
Grade 5Level 218-Accredited
Grade 6Level 32225-45Accredited
Grade 7Level 32740-60Accredited
Grade 8Level 33255-75Accredited
These qualifications are accredited by the qualifications regulators of England, Wales and Northern Ireland: OfQual, DCELLS and CCEA.

Grade Exam or Performance Certificate

At each grade, there are two types of exams offered by Rockschool; Grade Exams andPerformance Certificates. What's the difference? Grade Exams consist of 3 performance pieces, technical exercises and musicianship tests. Whereas Performance Certificates consists of 5 performance pieces and no other tests or exercises.