Friday, 28 October 2016

Freddie Mercury & Brian May Crochet Dolls by Peteri Nikolett

This week Peteri Nikolett kindly sent me a beautiful hand made Brian May doll complete with Red Special Guitar 

Brian May with his dolls

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Visiting Freddie Mercury's House At Garden Lodge

September 2016 trip to London we took the tube to Earls Court to visit Freddie Mercury's house at Garden Lodge
There's not much to see but here but the back gate of the outside wall protecting the property. But it makes a nice place to have you photo taken.
Anti graffiti coats the walls and many people have written on the plastic sheets fitted to part of the wall.
Personally I didn't want to write on the wall  but quietly play my guitar and overdub full guitar sound when I got back home. A salute to the greatest rock singer of all time and the music that is a soundtrack to so many of our lives.
My young son had his photo taken holding his Brian May Mini Guitar which will make a very fond family memory.