Thursday, 10 November 2011

Restoring Hondo Strat Guitar Project - South Shields Guitar Lessons

Got this Hondo Strat today on eBay for £48.
 I need to sort out a few chips to the body work. Otherwise a real nice paint job.
If anyone has any info on this guitar as to age and what it look like originally Id appreciate it.

south shields guitar lessons

Just got this today. Pear scratch plate loaded with EMG 85 pickup (£38on eBay)which I'll add on.

Filling the chips with acrylic paint and clear nail varnish

Not perfect yet but youd never guess it was chipped down to the wood

Need to fit the pearl scatch plate and EMG 85 Pickup. Things are taking shape.

Total cost so far £86. 

I wired the EMG 85 up today followed the diagram and was pretty easy.

Missed the postman today he had the black Floyd Rose Id ordered Gggggrrrrrr!!!!!
Will pick it up from the post office tomorrow.

Almost finished!!!! A few tweaks with the floyd rose bit otherwise done.