Saturday, 31 March 2012

CH Guitars in South Shields Fowler Street.

I keep getting asked where CH Guitars in Fowler Street actually is.So heres a pic taken from google maps.
Between the Money Shop and Hungry Horaces

Great shop and they are really helpful. They stock every thing you need to fix or build a guitar.
Check out their website

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Brian May Signature Guitar - Red Special : Trisonic Pickup Selection User Guide

Just got my hands on Burns Brian May guitar from Soundslive in Newcastle.
nowhere else in the area seemed to have one.

Ive wanted one of these since I was 14 so for me its more than a guitar its buying a piece of my boyhood love of Queen.

An hour after buying it I had 3 guitar lessons to conduct. First lesson wanted her photo taken with it. Second lesson wanted a photo of it for his dad and the third lesson had already started putting money aside to buy a one to put on his living room wall.

Plugged into guitar rig 3 and selecting vox amp, treble booster you really do get that unique Queen sound of We Will Rock You and Keep Yourself Alive.

If theres a downside is the trem doesnt look like the original and the trem arm is a bit tricky to fit. But hey who's complaining.

Grover lock in tuners Burns Trisonic pickups and in and out of phase switches its the real deal.


The first thing you'll notice is all three pickups can be switched on and off individually.
85% of Brian Mays sound is produced by using the bridge and middle pickup.
  • Bridge Pickup - Trebley Sound
  • Neck Pickup - Warm Mellow Sound
  • Middle Pickup - In the middle both physically and tonally
  • All Three - Gives a huge tone
 Phase Switches
  • Only works when more than one pickup switched on
  • Two Pickups in Phase - Rich Tone
  • Two Pickups Out of Phase - Trebley Tone
  • Two Pickups In and Out of Phase - Thinner Sound
Bridge and Middle in Phase

  • Hammer To Fall
  • Tie Your Mother Down
  • Brighton Rock
Neck and Middle in Phase

  • Rich Violin Tone
  • You Take My Breath Away
  • Use Fingers instead of sixpence
Neck and Middle Pickups out of Phase

  • Screaming lead tone
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Somebody To Love
  • March of the Black Queen
Neck and Bridge Pickups Out of Phase

  • A Strong Bright Lead Tone
  • Stone Cold Crazy
  • Liar
Neck and Bridge Pickups In Phase

  • A cutting sweet sound
All Three Pickups Neck Out of Phase
  • Rich Tone

All Three Pickups Bridge Out of Phase

  • Rich Tone (High Levels)

All Three Pickups With Middle Out of Phase

  • Brian May Calls this 'Bread and Butter'
  • Piercing at high levels
All together there are 13 possibilities (21 but some sound same)

Brian May Guitar Manual

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Friday, 2 March 2012

South Shields guitar lessons - Harmonic Minor Scales

Harmonic Minor Scale First Position

2nd Position (Locrian #6)

harmonic Minor Scale 3rd Position ( Ionian #5 Harmonic Major)

Harmonic Minor 4th Position (A Dorian #4 Spanish Phrygian)

harmonic Minor Scale 5th position (B Phrygian #3 Spanish Gypsy)

Harmonic Minor Scale 6th Position (Lydian #2)

harmonic minor Scale 7th position (Mixolydian #1)

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