Monday, 5 September 2011

Do I Need To Learn To Read Music To Play Guitar?

The simple answer to the above question is no. Many top guitarists don’t read music. This doesn’t however mean that you should dismiss ever learning to read music.

The beginner guitarist learning chords and strumming song realises quite quickly that you can do a lot on guitar without knowing a note of music.

Learning more complicated pieces using guitar tablature can be achieved and you still haven’t learnt a note of music.

Learning scale shapes too means you can play lead without knowing all the names of the notes.

One thing that stops people learning to read music is that they assume it’s too difficult.

Without getting to in depth musical notes go from A to G. There are no sharps or flats between Band C or E and F.

Musical Alphabet goes: A/A#.Bb/B/C/C#.Db/D/D#.Eb/E/F/F#.Gb/G/G#.Ab/A

Plus Points of Reading Music
1.       Understanding of Other Musical Instruments
2.       Playing Music You Haven’t Heard before
3.       Finding Root Notes of Chords and Scales
4.       Understanding Chord Names
5.       Writing Down Your Ideas Accurately
6.       Editing Midi Software

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What Will I Learn From Guitar Lessons( South Shields)

What Will I Learn From Guitar Lessons
We’ll look at the CAGED system to learn chords. This will mean you will know
  • ·         Major Minor and 7th Chords in open positions (All other chord types)
  • ·         All above chords in five positions covering the entire guitar neck
  • ·         Barre Chords
  • ·         Understanding Chord names
Understanding the Guitar Neck

You will learn to be able to work out the names of all the notes on the fret board.  Understanding the musical alphabet enables the student to easily work out notes on guitar.

  • ·         Pentatonic Scale Major/Minor in all keys
  • ·         Blues Scale in all keys
  • ·         Major Scales in all keys
  • ·         Modes (Ionian/Dorian/Phrygian/Lydian/Mixolydian/Aeolian/Locrian
  • ·         Harmonic Minor Scale
  • ·         Diminished and Symmetrical Scale
  • Understanding Key Signatures
  • ·         Cycle of Fiths
  • ·         Chords in All Keys
  • ·         Relative Major and Minor Keys

How To Read Guitar Tablature
Guitar Tablature is a very popular and easy way to learn to play guitar pieces without necessarily having to learn to read music.

How To Read Music
Many guitarists don’t learn to read music. One reason is people think it’s going to be difficult or that it is unnecessary. Though learning to read music is optional realising how easy it is encourages students to learn.

  • ·         Strumming and Rhythm
  • ·         Finger Picking
  • ·         Lead Guitar (String Bends/ Vibrato)
  • ·         Arpeggios
  • ·         Sweep Picking
  • ·         Two Hand Tapping

How To Write Songs

  • ·         Understanding Popular Chord Progressions
  • ·         Song Structure
  • ·         Writing a Guitar Solo

How To Play With a Band
  • ·         Timing
  • ·         Using Backing Tracks
  • ·         Memorizing Songs

  • ·         Software (Cubase/Guitar Rig/Amplitube)
  • ·         Setting Up Amp
  • ·         Guitar Tone
  • Guitar Lessons in south shields