Friday, 30 December 2011

Must Have Guitar Albums - led Zeppelin - House of the Holy

Released in March 1973 this was Led Zeppelins fifth studio album.
This album was a stylistic turning point in the lifespan of Led Zeppelin. Guitar riffs became more layered within Jimmy Page's production techniques and departed from the blues influences of earlier records.
Track Listing
1. The Song remains The Same
2.The Rain Song
3. Over The Hills And Far Away
4. The Crunge
5.Dancing Days
6. Dyer maker
7. No Quarter
8. The Ocean

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Must Have Guitar Albums - Oasis - (Whats The Story) Morning Glory

Released in October 1995 this was Oasis' second album giving them hits with Some Might Say, Roll With It, Wonderwall, Dont Look Back In Anger and Champagne Super Nova.
The whole album breathed new life into the average buskers playlist.

1. Hello
2. Roll With It
4. Don't Look Back in Anger
5. Hey Now!
6. [untitled]
7. Some Might Say
8. Cast No Shadow
9. She's Electric
10. Morning Glory
11. (Untitled Track) 
12. Champagne Supernova

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Must Have Guitar Albums - Oasis - Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe released in 1994 was Oasis debut album leading the way for the whole Britpop revolution. Heavily influenced by the Beatles it was cool to be all things British again.

1. Rock 'n' Roll Star
2. Shakermaker
3. Live Forever
4. Up in the Sky
5. Columbia
6. Supersonic
7. Bring It on Down
8. Cigarettes & Alcohol
9. Digsy's Dinner
10. Slide Away
11. Married With Children
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