Thursday, 30 August 2012

Excuses For Not Being Able To Play Guitar

Too many times you hear people saying 'My hands are too big or too small to play guitar'
Perhaps this video of a past student might answer the question.

Kinda proves if you really wanna do something nothing will stand in the way of you.

guitar lessons in south shields

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Kramer Baretta FR 404 SD Guitar (South Shields Lessons)

Kramer Baretta FR 404SD Guitar. Made in late 90's not to be mixed with early Kramers from the 80's
Thru neck, Grover Tuners, Drop D Floyd Rose, Quad Rail Humbucker Pickups with Coil Tap
24 Frets

If you have a guitar to sell and want to advertise it here free email me.

Friday, 17 August 2012

My Collection of Queen Songbooks and Guitar Tab

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Queen : Includes all Songs from Queen and Queen II (Except Doin Alright)
Queen Sheer Heart Attack Songbook
Queen A Night At The Opera (Guitar Tab Book)
Queen A Day At The Races Songbook
Queen News of The World Songbook
Queen Jazz Songbook
Queen The Game Songbook
Queen Hot Space Songbook
Queen The Works Songbook
Queen A Kind of Magic Songbook
Queen The Miracle Songbook
Queen Innuendo (Band Score Book)
Queen Made In Heaven
Queen Live At Wembley Songbook

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Queen Greatest Hits Guitar Tab Book
Queen Greatest Hits II Band Score Book
Queen Rocks Guitar Tab Book (Includes Its late, Tear It Up, In Love With My Car)
Queen Band Score
Brian May Super Rock Guitarist (Includes Tabs from Live Killers Album)
Queen Make Music With
The Best Of Queen
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Above Complete Works Updated From Queen to A Kind of Magic
73647788-B1AE-4A5F-8D4B-8F58DB26B1C4-3977-000003F8144E6D9A, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Japanese Guitar Tab Book Includes rare tab for Sleeping On The Side Walk, Who Neeeds You and Its Late

Rare American Piano Songbook Includes Songs From First 5 Albums
806C4F80-B3F7-413E-AECC-929617FAC802-3977-000003F82018580C, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Im still looking for A Night At The Opera Piano Songbook as well as Freddie Mercury's Mr Bad Guy and Barcelona songbook