Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How To Buy And Sell Guitars On eBay - South Shields Guitar Lessons

Too many people think they can sell a guitar on eBay simply by sticking a picture with make and model in their ad.

Take Good Pictures heres some examples :

Original picture from the listing to the left the one I took below.  Which one would you buy?
Only used my camera phone nothing fancy. Plus taking the picture of it with a nice background give the impression of it being stored somewhere nice.

Another example of a Hondo Flying V I picked up on eBay for £27 and sold for £100

This is the original picture from listing

removed stickers and used a bit polish took a good picture

It only took me 15 minutes to clean it upand I made a £73 profit.

Use to upload your pictures and use the html edit on ebay to ad your pictures for free.

You need to describe your item properly.

Its amazing the amount of people who say 'if you are looking at this then you know what it is.'  Theres a reason why advertisers spend millions on ads. Their ads are inventive and memorable.  Fairy liquid dont rest on the fact you already know what it is.

Recently I bought an Effects unit with built in Wah Wah, Pitch Shifter, Auto Pan, Chorus, Tap Delay, Flanger, Distortion, Overdrive, Phaser, Looper and Whammy Effects. None of which were mentioned in the description. Only if you knew what it was would you buy it.

Needless to say I was the only bidder on that auction.

Give as much info as you can! If you are selling effects and you havnt got the original user manual look for a downloadable PDF and post a link to it on you listing.

Always Describe In Full Any Knocks or Dings

If you fail to mention faults it will only come back on you

Use Youtube

When you are buying a guitar you want to know if it works and plays well. Make a video of the guitar being played. Upload it to Youtube and use the html in your listing to ad it.

Be Prepared To Post

Guitars that are advertised as local pickup only get limited interest. If you are looking to buy then look for listings from your immediate area. Being prepared to post gives you a huge audience for your listing.

Personally I got a proper guitar box used it as a template and made my own boxes. People are more likley to buy knowing the guitar is packaged properly.

south shields guitar lessons

DigiTech RP 10 Effects Processor or Sale In South Shields

User Manual - Click

£80- email

Reverbs (including halls, rooms, springs and gated varieties).
Chorus (dual, quad and octal types).
Rotary Speaker Simulator.
Auto Panner.
Pitch Shifter (including harmony generation).
Delay (mono, stereo, and analogue modes plus a Tap function. Maximum delay time is 10 seconds, but this varies depending upon how much processing power is allocated to the delay effect).
Sampler (both mono and stereo sampling -- useful for setting up short loops).
Equaliser (mono or stereo, graphic or parametric).
Whammy Effects (excellent for huge pitch drops but without the tuning problems!).
Auto Wah.

Info on how to update DigiTech RP 10 - Click

south shields guitar lessons