Thursday, 9 May 2013

Stagg Les Paul Electric Guitar L400-BK review

The Stagg is a made in China Les Paul copy. Solid alder body and thru neck. With gold plated hardware it cuts a very smart looking guitar.
Did need setting up and action lowered but for the money (£45 in second hand shop) was well worth it.

Overall a very good guitar and just as good as an Epiphone Les Paul. Dont let the fact it has Stagg printed on the head stock put you off

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Hondo Deluxe Series 767 Flying V Review


This is almost a lesson in how a bit of polish can go a long way.
Found this Hondo Deluxe Series 767 Flying V on eBay for £27. The original pictures from the listing dont do the guitar any justice at all.
After using lighter fluid to remove the stickers and a bit of t cut the guitar looked very nice indeed.

Made in the mid 80's out of probably mahogany this is a very nice guitar. Quite heavy in weight it feels like a manly guitar (if that makes sense)

check out youtube video of it being played

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Kramer Baretta FR 404 SD Electric Guitar Review

Kramer Baretta FR 404 SD not to be mixed up with the USA made Kramer Barettas.
The FR 404 SD was a cheaper Kramer made in Korea in the early 90's
Still a nice 24 fret guitar with drop D floyd rose trem, thru neck and coil tapped humbucker pickups.

Looking on Gumtree I managed to find myself this beauty for a mere £30. That cheap I felt guilty 'At least Dick Turpin wore a mask'

It needed the neck straightening and the action lowered but made a very nice guitar. Personally it would make an even better guitar with upgraded pickups. Tho the quad rails it came with were ok.

Jim Deacon SG Electric Guitar Review

Chances are if you looking to buy a Jim Deacon SG you are probably looking for a guitar in the style of Angus Young (AC/DC)
Tho a little light in weight the Jim Deacon makes a smart looking guitar. 
Plugged through Native Instruments Guitar Rig I got a pretty decent sound out of it. Well suited to those wanting to play AC/DC without spending a fortune..
It has a set neck and a mahogany body. Nice looking but unbranded tuners.

I got a decent bargain on gumtree for £40.  
It did need setting up as the action was sky high but once sorted it was nice to play.
Sold it to a guy mad on AC/DC for £80 who text me later that day to say he was well pleased with his guitar.

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