Thursday, 23 May 2013

Line6 Variax 600 Modelling Guitar - Review

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Brian May Signature Guitar - Review

Full spec
Truly beautiful guitar and an ideal present for any Queen fan.
Features zero fret and Burns Trisonic pickups with on/off and in and out of phase switches.
Mahogany with acoustic chamber for tone. The Brian May guitar has a strat style trem as opposed to the original designed trem. Features a bi-direction truss rod to stop bowing of the neck.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you will magically sound like Brian May. Plugged into Line 6 amp with Vox-AC30 setting it sounded ok but then used a treble booster and things came to life.

All in all for the £530 price tag a very nice guitar

In the video I make the mistake of calling it a Burns Brian May. Brian May parted company with Burns after quality issues and set up his own company making the Brian May signature model.

Point of note: To tighten trem arm. Lift trem and look for allen key to tighten as shown in picture.

Notice to the right of the picture below the trem arm at the base of the unit lurking in the shadows a small hole. This is where the allen key needs to loosen or tighten