Saturday, 13 April 2013

Guitar Stratocaster Project - How To Relic and Age Guitar Body and Tarnish Hardware

  1. Sanded Hardware with sandpaper
  2. Put Hardware in plastic bag with crushed boiled egg(Sounds Mad! But It Tarnishes The Chrome)
  3. Soak Hardware in Bowl of Salty Water Over Night

Next with scraper and craft knife was to distress the body making sure to make the wear and tear look authentic.

Applied a coat of matt varnish to body to seal everything in and give a finished look

Next was the neck. Applied a small amount of paint stripper to back of neck to make a wear mark.
Then rubbed in a little black shoe polish. Did same with headstock.

Soaked scratch plate and knobs in tea and coffee for 24hrs. Removed electrics obviously.

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