Saturday, 13 December 2014

Guitar Teacher Has Run In With Russell Brand - South Shields Gazette

A South Shields guitar teacher had his 15 minutes of fame after a verbal joust with controversial comedian Russell Brand.
The comic answered a question put to him by James Rundle on his YouTube channel.
In his online news show, The Trews, Brand discussed how he had been branded a hypocrite by The Sun Newspaper because of his housing arrangements.
Mr Rundle who owns Rock Licks Guitar Tuition and YouTube channel posted his question 'Russell, is your bedroom wall real brick or brick wallpaper? Brick wallpaper is hypocrisy in its purest form'
Brand read the question out before standing up from the edge of his bed and patting the wall to show it's real brick.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bijou - Queen - Guitar Lesson Tutorial (with guitar tab download)

How to play Bijou intro by Queen from the 1991 Innuendo album.

Guitar Tab link :

In this video we look at the intro played by Brian May on the famous Red Special guitar.

"Bijou" was an idea Mercury and May had of making a song "inside-out" (having guitar doing the verses and the vocal doing the break). Mercury put the chords, title and lyrics, and the two of them worked on the guitar parts. Mercury sang the first line and then May transferred the melody to his Red Special. The song was finished without any input from Taylor or Deacon. The idea was not new and already used by Yes on their song "Soon". May later credited Jeff Beck's 1989 song "Where Were You" as the inspiration for 'Bijou'. In 2008, Queen + Paul Rodgers performed this song in their shows of the Rock the Cosmos Tour by May playing the verse live and then having Mercury's studio vocals play while a screen showed footage from the band's famous Wembley concert in 1986, with the visuals put in sync with the tape. Afterwards the Mercury part would fade out and May would lead into "Last Horizon".

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