Saturday, 28 January 2012

40 Years of Queen Hard Back Book

On seeing this book for sale my 13 year old daughter begged me to buy it for her. Apparently I am awesome and cool. After purchasing the Queen 40 Years book we bumped into a 76 year old aunt outside the shop who started explainning how much she loved Bohemian Rhapsody and how her son had pinched her copy.
Such is the enduring popularity of Queen.

This book is a must have for Queen fans. Full of pleasant suprises including posters, replica concert tickets and stage passes. As well as a cd and much much more.

Book comes protected in box.

CD contains BBC Radio interviews with the band

Replicas of handwritten letter for all four members of Queen written to Queen fan club

Live At The Rainbow Poster

A Young Brian May

Full Size Poster from A Day At The Races


Japan Concert Ticket
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Knebworth Replica Concert Ticket
1979 Crazy Tour Poster
Hot Space Cardboard Cube

Replica sheets from the original hand written lyrics

The Miracle Poster

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