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Guitar Lessons In South Shields Reviews

Rock Licks Guitar Lessons 
5 Gillside Court, South Shields, Tyne And Wear NE34 9BY
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Andie P ‎ - 4 Mar 2011
Fab Teacher - James has been teaching my son Matthew (aged 11) for 6 months and he loves it. Matthew is definitely benefiting the one to one tuition with James who makes it fun. He chooses songs that Matthew knows and wants to learn. Matthew is enthusiastic to go to lessons and I would recommend James to anyone who was thinking of learning to play the guitar especially children as he has the patience to teach them. 
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13 Nov 2010
Great Teacher When I first went to James I had absolutley no guitar experience whatsoever and in hislessons I've learnt much more than I imagined I would in such a short space of time. He's very calm and patient and gives loads of examples when he's teaching you which makes it sink in much faster. But the best thing about James is he teaches you what you want to know, he totally tailors it to your own musical taste, which makes practising a lot more fun 'cause you're learning songs you've always wanted to play, which is basically the whole point of taking up guitar in the first place. Would definitely recommend James to anyone. 
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13 Nov 2010
Brilliant Tutor I have only been learning for a month or so, and since I knew basically nothing at the start I have progressed rapidly. James makes sure I understand and uses different teaching styles to make the information sink in. I had previous tutor when I was younger but James teaches me music I want to learn and makes the lessons fun. reasonable rates and I would highly recommend him. 
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5 Sep 2010
Brilliant ! My son Alex who is ten years old has been learning to play the guitar with James since Christmas. He has come on leaps and bounds and really enjoys his hour a week with James, we tried a tutor at school but they didn't make it fun like James. He uses current music that kids want to listen to and play. I would highly recomend him to anyone. 
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25 Aug 2010
Crackin Coming up to a year of taking lessons now, before which i was self-tought for about a year - what a waste of time that was lol - James is an awesome guitar teacher and to be honest a good mate now, he always explains things so simply without being condescending at all & has a tension-free relaxed atmosphere so ya never afraid to ask him to re-explain something, Funnily enough i had a lesson yesterday in which James asked me what's wrong? cause i was smiling so much rofl, nd it was cause the excercise he'd just gone through with me (With a backing track) was so fun yet put alot of the theory and stuff we'd been learning recently into perspective, kind of like a "The penny has dropped" moment, which come often in his lessons. Theres literally too much i could talk about in lesson variation and stuff i've learned so i wont, but i'll tell you i've literally had the ... Show full review 
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Richard ‎ - 24 Aug 2010
Fantastic Tutor I started taking lessons with James in February, 7 months ago, and have progressed rapidly since then. I credit this to his teaching style, calm, patient and willing to tailor the lessons to his students personal tastes and goals. Not only does James provide weekly sessions at very, very reasonable rates, but he also keeps in contact via the internet throughout the week to provide any advice you might need outside of the lessons. Not only does James teach you how to play the songs you like, but he also explains how a song is put together and delves into the music theory, without over complicating it like most tutors do. Highly Recommended. 
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24 Aug 2010
What a Great Guitar Teacher! James is a great guitar teacher and really takes his time to help you understand not just how to play something but also the theory behind it. He has a very calm, relaxed and patient approach to teaching one-on-one and covers a wide variety of music... rock, metal, acoustic, jazz etc etc... and his advice on gear is spot on, there are some great items in his online store. Well worth a visit! 
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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How Do You Prevent Guitar Strings From Ringing Out While Shredding?

There are specific techniques that you can practice to prevent strings from ringing out. 
In general, the solution is to achieve finer motor control. Here's a little check-list for you. You may already be doing some of these things, in which case, you're technique will only need some minor tweaking; 

1) Anchoring. Try lightly resting the nail of your pinky finger of your right hand just below the strings. This allows you to have a better sense of where your pick is in relation to the strings. If you do this though, make sure that you're pinky is relaxed and curled inwards towards your palm so that you don't put too much stress while resting on it. 

2) Make sure the pick is in line with your index finger. That is to say, "pointing" in the same direction as your index finger. Doing this allows you to have a lighter grip on the pick, allowing it to tilt slightly as it sweeps across the strings. 

3) Alternate your picking, moving the pick both up and down. If you're doing this as consistently as clockwork, it helps you're picking to become faster and more economical.

4) Try turning the pick at a slight angle so that it glides across the strings more gently. 

5) Don't pick from your elbow! If you're wrist is stiff when you're picking, you're doing something wrong. Instead, try to relax your wrist, bend it slightly, and pick by rotating your wrist from your forearm, as if you were opening a door. This allows you to have finer motor control over the strings. 

6) Try approaching the strings from roughly a 45 degree angle. This allows you to target specific strings swooping down with hawk-like accuracy, and is especially good for rakes and sweeps. 

7) On your playing hand (left hand), use your spare fingers to dampen the strings after each musical phrase. This usually happens to be the index, pinky, and sometimes the thumb can be used to dampen the low E string. 

Try these techniques, and with enough practice, you should be shredding flawlessly in no time. 

But remember - there's no silver bullet, no quick fix, and absolutely no substitute for practicing your guitar for hours on end.

guitar lessons in south shields

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Line 6 Spider IV 30 Guitar Amplifier Combo

The Line 6 SPIDER IV 30 Guitar Amplifier Combo delivers a perfectly distilled collection of celebrated American and British amp tones, the unprecedented control of Line 6 Smart FX, and a truly evolved playing experience.
The Line 6 SPIDER IV 30 gives you instant access to the 12 essential amp tones that all guitarists require, 7 inspiring effects that add exceptional colors and textures, a built-in tuner, a three-band EQ section for tone-shaping control and more.
Every aspect of Spider IV 30, from its guitar input to its 30-watt power section to its 12" Celestion® Custom speaker, delivers exceptional definition, clarity and feel. And the three-quarter closed-back cabinet adds the perfect tight, snappy response to the diverse range of tones.
Colour your tone with the unprecedented control of Line 6 Smart FX. Start smart with 7 brilliant effect models including tangy Chorus/Flange, swirly Phaser, classic Delay, beautiful Echoes, lush Reverb and more. Simply find the effect you want, turn the knob to the desired intensity and you're done. Plus, Tap Tempo syncs all your time-based effects. Explore the sonic palette with up to three effects at once.
Dimensions         18.5"W x 17.5"H x 9.5"D
Weight                 26lbs

guitar lessons in south shields

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Learn Guitar Rockschool Grades - Guitar Lessons In South Shields

Guitar exams put performance at the heart of the exam. Each grade has a wide choice of repertoire that covers all the key skills required at that level. Our tunes are written to reflect popular rock styles and inspire improvisation.


Rockschool's guitar qualifications are offered at all grades. They are accredited and have respective QCF credit values and UCAS points. Click on a specific grade below to view more information.
GradeLevelQCF CreditUCAS PointsAccredited
Entry Level (Debut)Entry Level4-Accredited
Grade 1Level 16-Accredited
Grade 2Level 19-Accredited
Grade 3Level 112-Accredited
Grade 4Level 215-Accredited
Grade 5Level 218-Accredited
Grade 6Level 32225-45Accredited
Grade 7Level 32740-60Accredited
Grade 8Level 33255-75Accredited
These qualifications are accredited by the qualifications regulators of England, Wales and Northern Ireland: OfQual, DCELLS and CCEA.

Grade Exam or Performance Certificate

At each grade, there are two types of exams offered by Rockschool; Grade Exams andPerformance Certificates. What's the difference? Grade Exams consist of 3 performance pieces, technical exercises and musicianship tests. Whereas Performance Certificates consists of 5 performance pieces and no other tests or exercises.