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How To Play Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together) - Queen Guitar Lesson

Riff 1

  Dm        Gm/D    Dm                           Gm/D: xx0333
  When I'm gone no need to wonder
  if I ever think of you

       Dm        Gm6/D  A#dim/D                 Gm6/D: xx0330
  the same moon shines                        A#dim/D: xx0320
       Dm         Gm6/D  A#dim/D
  the same wind blows

  for both of us
  and time is but a paper moon
          Gm6/D   A riff 1
  be not gone

  Though I'm gone
  it's just as though
  I hold the flower that touches you
  a new life grows
  the blossom knows
  there's no one else
  could warm my heart as much as you
  be not gone

   D       G    D/F#     D      G/D     D              G/D: xx0433
  Let us cling together as the years go by
  G      A7      D    D/A A
  oh my love my love
  In the quiet of the night
   A/C#    G/B           G
  let our candle always burn
          D/A            G/A     A       D             G/A: x0543(3)
  let us never lose the lessons we have learned.


  Teo tori_atte konomama iko
  aisuruhito yo
  Shizukana yoi ni
  hikar_io tomoshi
  itoshiki oshieo idaki


Hear my song still think of me
  the way you've come to think of me
  the nights grow long
  but dreams live on
  just close your pretty eyes
  and you can be with me
  dream on


  Teo tori_atte konomama iko
  Aisuruhito yo
  Shizukana yoi ni
  Hikar_io tomoshi
  Itoshiki oshieo idaki

 Em(VII) D   A            Bm              G         E(VII): x79987
  When  I'm gone they'll say we were all fools
               A           xx777x xx798x xx765x
  but we don't understand

Em(VII) D    A          A   E/G#  A/G                 E/G#: 476454 or xx6454
  Oh   be strong don't turn your heart                 A/G: 3xx655 or xx5655
   F#7  Bm         Bm/A       G       A13              F#7: xx4656
  We're all you're all we're all for always           Bm/A: x04432
                                                    A13: x02022 or A6: x02222
Let us cling together as the years go by
  oh my love my love
  In the quiet of the night
  let our candle always burn
  let us never lose the lessons we have learned.



How To Play Queen - You and I (Guitar Lesson)

You And I was the B-Side to Queen Tie You Mother Down

Queen: You and I
Album: A Day At The Races

Intro D  G/D x3   G D/F  Em7
Riff 1


D  A  Bm  G G#o  D/A  A   G D/F# Em7 riff 1


G    D    D7    G   E7   A7   G    D/F#   Dm   E7  C  G/B  Gm   A7 



F#  Bm   F#  Bm  D   A  F#  Bm  E   A 

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A    G  D/F#  Em7    D   A             G D A        D  G/D    (D  G/D) repeat and fade

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