Monday, 28 November 2016

David Bowie - Space Oddity - Guitar Chords

How To Play Space Oddity by David Bowie on Acoustic Guitar

In this video James Rundle of Rock Licks Guitar Tuition in South Shields explains how to strum and play the classic Bowie track from the album of the same name.

The video has chords and lyrics on screen to make learning this song on guitar easier

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Bowie - Life On Mars Guitar Solo and Outro - with guitar tab

How To Play David Bowie Life On Mars Guitar Solo and Outro

This video explains how to play the Mick Ronson guitar solo and outro and uses on screen guitar tabs

video by James Rundle Of Rock Licks Guitar Tuition in South Shields

Monday, 21 November 2016

Guitar Lesson Gift Vouchers - Rock Licks Guitar Tuition - South Shields

Guitar Lesson Gift Vouchers the ideal gift for anyone learning guitar

Call James : 07795310165 or 01914552172


Rock Licks is home to the 'Charlie Learns Guitar' video series where 11 year old Charlie explains whats he's been learning on guitar


Acoustic and Electric Guitar 

James Rundle of Rock Licks Guitar Tuition is waiting for your call. 
With over 2.5 million views on YouTube James' Queen Guitar Lessons Channel is making     waves.

Check out some of James' YouTube lessons

Charlie Rundle On Brian May of Queen Guitar Website - South Shields Guitar Lessons

Its been a big for young Charlie Rundle of Rock Licks Guitar Tuition in South Shields

After having been making a series of guitar videos 'Charlie Learns Guitar' on YouTube using his Brian May Mini Guitar he was asked to be added to the Brian May Guitars Artist List 

Charlies YouTube Review video was also featured on the official website of Queen guitarist

Charlies full story was featured in the Shields Gazette

How To Play Metallica - Wherever I May Roam - Rock Licks Guitar Tuition in South Shields

In this video guitar tutorial James Rundle of Rock licks Guitar Tuition in South Shields explains how to play the 1991 Metallica track from The Black album Wherever I May Roam.

We look at the intro guitar. Playing it first with backing track.
The video also contains on screen guitar tablature to make learning easier

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Charlie Learns Guitar - Kiss - Heavens On Fire

The return of Charlie Learns Guitar by popular demand

After a few month lay of Charlie returns to explaining simple guitar riffs.
In this video Charlie explains the riff from classic Kiss track Heavens On Fire

Its been a great week for Charlie who made it onto the Brian May Guitars artist list