Saturday, 11 February 2012

How To Play Hammer To Fall Solo by Queen (

This is a look at the solo from Hammer To Fall the single version. The album version is longer and the 12inch headbangers mix is longer again. The live version from the Live at Wembely is well worth watching.

The guitar tab is onscreen and broken down into sections

How To Play Hammer To Fall by Queen (

This is a look at Hammer To Fall main riff and verse by Queen. FromThe Works Album 1983.
I'll add more tab to the video later.

Riff 1: 
3x  A5     A   D/A     E/A           A 
E|----------------| |--------------------------| 
B|---------2---3--| |--5-5-5---5--/--2--2-2-2--| 
G|--2-2-2--2---2--| |--4-4-4---4--/--2--2-2-2--| 
D|--2-2-2--2---4--| |--6-6-6---6--/--2--2-2-2--| 
A|--0-0-0--0---0--| |--0-0-0---0-----0--0-0-0--| 
E|----------------| |--------------------------| 

Riff 2: 
    A     E   D/A   A    

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