Saturday, 13 October 2012

Burns Cobra Guitar - review

 The Burns Cobra - £199

Ive been reading a lot of the reviews about this guitar and it sounds pretty cool.
For the price of lower priced Fender Strat or a Squire Strat you seem to get a lot more for your money.

The biggest plus point is the Trisonic pickups (ala Brian May) which give a rich sound.

The wiring of the guitar is special, and includes some interesting possibilities.

With push pull pick up control

The guitar seems to hold in tune pretty well too
Dark rosewoodforms the fingerboard, with a 10" radius and medium frets. The bolt-on maple neck has a bi-directional truss rod and it feels fantastic, with a lovely slim early 1960s Fender feel.

For a budget guitar you get a lot for your money and it looks pretty cool too. This is also the first time you can get yourself a copy of a 60's style Burns guitar without paying over a £1000

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