Friday, 3 May 2013

Hondo Les Paul MIJ 70's Lawsuit Guitar Review

Hondo Les Paul MIJ 70's Lawsuit Guitar 

My advice would be if you find a Hondo guitar made in Japan it!!!
Between 1974 and 1983 Hondo produced high quality guitars made in Japan which now are quite collectible. Hondo guitars of this time were fitted with American made Dimarzio pickups.
Called lawsuit models as Gibson brought a lawsuit to stop Hondo making them. 

Later between 1984 and 1987 Hondo switched making guitars in Korea which were of much lesser quality.

A Lot of Hondo guitars being now over 30 years old are in need of attention. 
Luckily I picked this one up for £60 ($90) from a guy who'd bought it from new and kept it wrapped in cotton wool.
The guitar has the feel of an expensive instrument. Some prefer these above Epiphone Les Pauls.
The Dimarzio pickups are red hot and have bags of sustain.
The guitar is a nice weight similar to a real Les Paul. Holds it tune really well and has a fast neck and low action.

 I guess if you have a spare £2000 to buy a new Gibson then you could turn your nose up at the humble Hondo. But for those on a budget the Hondo 70's era punch well above their weight.

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