Sunday, 18 September 2011

How Does IK Multimedia Amplitube Compare To Guitar Rig 5?

How Does IK Multimedia Amplitube Compare to Guitar Rig5?
It’s quite a contentious issue to compare both Guitar Rig and Amplitube products. There seems to be two camps those who think Guitar Rig is by far more user friendly and thos who feel Amplitube has the feel of using real amps.

Are using it in a live setting or for recording?
This is an important question as the Amplitube Stomp box boasts being able to programme software without having to look at computer screen unlike the Guitar Rig Kontrol stomp box. This could be a definite advantage in a live setting.

Editing Sounds
Guitar Rig has a drag and drop feature which makes things very easy for selecting amps effects and so on.
Selecting features on Amplitube wasn’t as visual and you’ve got to flick through everything to get what you want.
With Guitar Rig you see your entire rig on the screen whereas with Amplitube you have to flick through everything.

Easy To Install?
Amplitube has many different versions which can be bought as part of the package. They include:
·         Amplitube 3
·         Hendrix (Includes complete Hendrix Discography of Sounds)
·         Metal
·         Ampeg (Bass)
·         X- gear
·         Fender (Includes Every Fender Amp and Effect Pedal Imaginable)
·         Live
All these need a separate installation. But all sounds from each application can be accessed from Amplitube 3.
Guitar Rig is one Installation (see my other blog post for more details) click

Which Sounds The Best?
A lot has been discussed on this subject with many opinions. In my opinion Amplitube has the feel of a real amp coming out of my pc speakers. But I tend to lean towards Guitar Rig as my first choice.
If you can afford both have the best of both worlds.

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