Monday, 12 September 2011

The New Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Software

Just got my hands on the new Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5. If you have an older version you’ll wonder what’s new.
In short 2 new amps, 130 new presets 6 new effects a control room.

Two New Amps

The Van 51 delivers superstar signature sound from hard rock to blistering crunch — great for drop tunings and menacing palm-muted chug. 

The Hot Solo+ recalls a classic hand-wired amp with a boutique, responsive overdriven tone. For expressive, singing solos that still sound heavy as hell, the Hot Solo+ is your amp.


Fast Comp — A warm, vintage-style compressor for keeping your peaks in check. Essential for clean sounds.

Vintage Verb — Eight different classic plate and spring reverbs. Not just for retro — also great for adding class and character. 

Little Reflektor — Advanced convolution reverb, based on the acclaimed REFLEKTOR, with eight impulse responses plus decay and low cut control. 

Stereo Tune — Not a tuner! Spreads and detunes the stereo image for a fatter sound and de-tuned effects. 

Filterbank — Drastically transform your sound with this powerful 8-band filter, with a global frequency shift and stretch parameter for highly expressive effects. 

Resochord — Turn notes into chords and get shimmering, resonating sci-fi chorus with this six-pole harmonizer. 


The new Container is a utility module for creating and storing multi-effects and custom channel strips. Assemble your processing chain, then assign the eight macro-controls to the key controls on any of the effects in the chain. It's a great way to get simple control over your sound, and an essential tool for performance.


Extending the already comprehensive mix options in the Control Room, the new 'Pro' version gives you eight custom setups at once, for the ultimate in extravagant, almost limitless fine-tuning. Arm each track of the 8-track mixer with your choice of cabinet, mics and positioning. Choose from 27 cabinets, up to 16 microphones and up to three mic positions, including room mics. Then juggle the levels for intense sonic perfection. 

Control Room Pro is powered by high-quality impulse responses from Redwirez.

The sound designers at NATIVE INSTRUMENTS have been busy with the new amps and effects, and they've created over 130 new presets. Highlights include an array of warm, absolutely realistic clean sounds, a number of searing distortion presets and ready-to-use multi FX.


Added Side Chaining

Side-chaining is an extremely useful technique for reducing sonic clutter and creative 'pumping' effects. GUITAR RIG 5 PRO adds side-chain inputs to a number of compressors and Modifier modules, making it easy to incorporate this technique into your effects chains.

Guitar Rig models the following pieces of hardware (pseudonyms are bracketed and italicised).
§  Fender Bassman (Tweedman)
§  Vox AC30 (AC Box)
§  Marshall 1959 SLP (Plex)
§  Roland Jazz Chorus-120 (Jazz Amp)
§  Marshall JCM800 Lead (Lead 800)
§  Ampeg VT-40 (Bass VT)
§  Bogner √úberschall (Ultrasonic)
§  Orange Overdrive OD120 (Citrus)
§  Hiwatt DR-103 (High White)
§  Fender Tweed Deluxe (Tweed Delight)
§  Fender Twin Reverb (Twang Reverb)
§  Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier (Gratifier)
§  Royer R-121 (Rib 121)
§  Shure SM57 (Dynamic 57)
§  Neumann U47 (Con 47)
§  Neumann U67 (Con 67)
§  Sennheiser MD421 (Dynamic 421)
§  Sennheiser MD441 (Dynamic 441)
§  Electro-Voice RE20 (Dynamic 20)
§  Heil PR 40 (Dynamic 40)
Effects units
§  Boss DS-1 Distortion (Distortion)
§  Boss MT-2 Metal Zone (Metalzone or MeZone in Guitar Rig 4)
§  Pro Co RAT (Cat)
§  Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer (Skreamer)
§  Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi (Big Fuzz)
§  Dunlop Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (Fuzz Ace) (Not Present in Guitar Rig 4)
§  Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 (TransAmp)
§  MXR Dime Distortion DD11 (Demon Distortion)
§  Marshall Jackhammer JH-1 (Sledge Hammer)
§  TC Electronic Stereo Chorus + Flanger (Chorus + Flanger)
§  Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble (Ensemble)
§  Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress (Electric Lady)
§  MXR Phase 90 (Phaser Nine)
§  Electro-Harmonix Small Stone (Stoned Phaser)
§  moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Modulator (Ring Modulator)
§  Boss OC-2 Octave (Octaver)
§  DigiTech WH-4 Whammy (Pitch Pedal)
§  Electro-Harmonix Micro Synthesizer (Harmonic Synthesizer)
§  Roland RE-201 Space Echo (Tape Echo)
§  Electro-Harmonix Memory Man (Delay Man)
§  Dunlop Cry Baby (Cry Wah)
§  Real McCoy Custom RMC-1 (Real Wah)
§  Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah (Autofilter)
Other modeled hardware includes Leslie speakers, tape loops, step sequencers and low-frequency oscillators.

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