Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Must Have Guitar Albums - Blues Saraceno - Never Look Back

Never Look Back is the first studio album by guitarist Blues Saraceno, released in 1989 through Guitar Recordings. What is frightening about this album was Blues Saraceno was only 17 when he recorded it.
Saraceno's high profile as a gifted guitar virtuoso and musician opened the doors to an early career as a first call guitar sideman and session musician. Saraceno is most often recognized from his time playing with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker (Cream) as well as his brief tenure with the band Poison. Saraceno's early success in the music industry would eventually blossom into a career in producing and composing for television and film.

Tracklist01. Remember When 
02. Never Look Back 
03. Full Tank 
04. Jay Walkin' 
05. Deliverance 
06. The Shakes 
07. Before The Storm 
08. Funk 49 
09. Jitter Blast 
10. Frazin' 

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