Thursday, 12 January 2012

Must Have Guitar Albums - The Beatles - Let It Be....Naked

released in 2003 Let It Be...Naked is a reworking of the original Let It Be album. The original released in 1970 after the Beatles split was some badly recorded assortment of songs. John Lennon handed them over to producer Phil Spector to work his 'wall of sound' magic on them.
John Lennon thought Phil Spector had done a good job.
Some though dont like the Spector sound. Paul Mcartney said the idea of the recording session was orginally to get back to a basic rock n roll sound. So the songs on ...Naked have been remastered cleaned up and stripped 'naked' as it were.
Listen to both versions and you can decide!
1.Get Back (LIBN)
2.Dig A Pony (LIBN)
3.For You Blue (LIBN)
4.The Long And Winding Road (LIBN)
5.Two Of Us (LIBN)
6.I've Got A Feeling (LIBN)
7.One After 909 (LIBN)
8.Don't Let Me Down
9.I Me Mine (LIBN)
10.Across The Universe (LIBN)
11.Let It Be (LIBN)

Track List for origianl album
1.Two Of Us (LIB)
2.Dig A Pony (LIB)
3.Across The Universe (LIB)
4.I Me Mine (LIB)
5.Dig It
6.Let It Be (LIB)
7.Maggie Mae
8.I've Got A Feeling (LIB)
9.One After 909 (LIB)
10.The Long And Winding Road (LIB)
11.For You Blue (LIB)
12.Get Back (LIB)

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