Friday, 6 April 2012

Strumming Pattern Problems - Guitar Lesson

I'm constantly being asked from stumming patterns for famous songs. Students want a graph with down up up up down arrows. A lot of tutor books have such patterns.
The trouble is many beginners think there is some set in stone law about how to strum any particular song!

I'm finding people who try and follow such patterns are the ones who struggle most with strumming.
It's a bit like learning to dance by following footsteps drawn on the floor. Although the footsteps are correct you are going to look very stiff and uncoordinated following the steps.

The following video lesson is aimed at using your own natural rhthym to work out a rhthym pattern.
After all how do you learn to strum a song that on the record is played on the piano?

Every song has a pulse which you can set a metronome  to. Strum the this with down strokes making sure you change the chords at the right places.
Once you can do this move on to adding a rhythm achieved naturally by listening to the record.

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