Friday, 4 December 2015

Brian May WannaBes Guitar Competition - Rock Licks Guitar Tuition - South Shields

Here at Rock Licks Guitar Tuition we decided to run a competition. Those who use the Rock Licks YouTube Channel were asked to send their videos in of themselves playing Queen on guitar,

The lovely people at said they'd pick the winner who'd win a bagful of sixpences (Brian May uses old sixpence as a plectrum)

To our surprise Brian May himself agreed to pick the winner (still to be announced)

Runner up was announced yesterday on Brian's Soapbox  which was young Mia Blixt from Chicago

Brian said: Mia is evidently pretty young, but has technique and flair and some courage, I’d say. The Brighton Rock thing is great fun to do - with the double delay … but it’s not quite as easy as it looks. Most people find it gets out of hand quite easily.

What I like about Mia here is she’s not copying any of my performances at all … she’s got used to the technique and is doing her own thing. She’s feeling it out as she goes … and she never falters to wait for the catch-up. She also has given this some shape - even in this short clip you can feel the intensity building and ebbing according to how she’s feeling it. Love it.

Had to give this honorable mention. WELL DONE.

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