Sunday, 22 December 2013

Should I Take Guitar Lessons - A Beginners Guide

What You Need To Know
Technically there's no such thing as a self taught guitarist. Figuring it out yourself you still going to need books and videos. Trying to understand all this information on your own is quite a challenge. Lessons really cut through and the student progressing and understanding with immediate effect.

Should I Buy An Electric Guitar or An Acoustic Guitar?

The easy answer is:
If you want to be Jimi Hendrix then an electric guitar.
If you want to be Ed Sheeran then you'll need an acoustic.

What Will I Be Learning
First thing any guitar teacher will show you is chords.
All songs are made up of a progression of chords.

The chord box shows you where to put your fingers so you can strum the guitar.

Do I Need To Read Music?
Many of the greatest guitarists do not read music. This however doesn't mean that they using just pure natural ability.
Learning chords and scale shapes is how many rock guitarists learn to play.
Many guitar tutors use guitar tablature to make it easier to learn your favorite tunes

Guitar Lessons In South Shields

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