Sunday, 8 April 2012

Must Have Guitar Albums - Metallica - Reload

one half of the load re-load release of 1997.

Track listing

All lyrics written by James Hetfield
1."Fuel"  James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett4:30
2."The Memory Remains" (feat. Marianne Faithfull)Hetfield, Ulrich4:39
3."Devil's Dance"  Hetfield, Ulrich5:19
4."The Unforgiven II"  Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett6:37
5."Better Than You"  Hetfield, Ulrich5:22
6."Slither"  Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett5:13
7."Carpe Diem Baby"  Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett6:12
8."Bad Seed"  Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett4:05
9."Where the Wild Things Are"  Hetfield, Ulrich, Jason Newsted6:54
10."Prince Charming"  Hetfield, Ulrich6:05
11."Low Man's Lyric"  Hetfield, Ulrich7:37
12."Attitude"  Hetfield, Ulrich5:16
13."Fixxxer"  Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett8:15
Total length:

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